Day 17: Brussels, Belgium


I haven’t talked much about food so here goes; I started off the day with a light breakfast at the hostel (fruit and toast). Enjoyed a delicious chickpea, hummus, and zucchini sandwhich while overlooking the city from Place Poelaert-Plien. Ate fresh penne carbonara (with extra thick bacon slices) outside of Grand-Place Grote Markt for lunch. Visited the highest rated frites (fries) stand in Belgium (I’m pretty sure my heart stopped halfway through from all the mayonnaise). And to finish of the day, bought a light noodle salad for dinner.

Although my visits to the Grand-Place Grote Markt and Royal Military Museum were great, the most interesting experience of the day was tasting chili pepper flavored chocolate!


2 thoughts on “Day 17: Brussels, Belgium

  1. So this is my kind a update. some weird foods…zucchini sandwich….ick! but hey gotta take the local food. Hope you have tons o’ fun. Can’t wait to hear what you think about the chocolate in England 🙂
    Stay safe
    Masi Mardi

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