Day 35: Munich, Germany/Geneva, Switzerland


Took a nice morning walk through the English Gardens in Munich. Beautiful park with a surf river, jazz musicians, and a bubble maker!

Although I’ll be spending the next couple of days in Geneva, I’m actual staying at an apartment in France (Rhône-Alpes). It’s about 5 minutes away from the Suisse boarder and the town is about 40% cheaper than Geneva.


One thought on “Day 35: Munich, Germany/Geneva, Switzerland

  1. Bubble Maker =O oooooo!!
    Awww it looks so peaceful and …. smoothing..? sorry about my fob knowledge of adj…

    Wow how is the condition of the apartment that you are staying in? Curious.

    Sorry about haven’t been able to comment on your wonderful photos. Death by school is treating me pretty “well”, sleeping only 4-5 hours lately.

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